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Translation studies in T-cell lymphoma prevalence in Asian

Wednesday, 16th November 2022 - 15:00-16:00 BST | 09:00-10:00 CT | 10:00-11:00 ET

Event Overview:

Natural Killer/T-cell lymphoma (NKTCL) and Monomorphic Epitheliotropic Intestinal T cell lymphoma (MEITL) are very aggressive subtypes of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with very poor prognosis. The incidence of these diseases is more prevalent in Asia compared to the West. Recent studies have shown that about 50% of relapsed/refractory NKTCL response well to PD-1 blockade therapy and little progress has been made for MEITL. I will talk about our effort in discovering novel therapeutic targets for both NKTCL and MEITL. I will also describe how we have developed biomarkers of response to treatment and bringing them to clinical applications.    

Key learning objective:

● reveal oncogenic pathways of cancers

● discover biomarkers and

● development of novel therapies. 

Presenters Biography:


Ong Choon Kiat

PI, Lymphoma Genomic Translational Research Laboratory, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)

Dr. Ong Choon Kiat is the Principal Investigator of Lymphoma Genomic Translational Research Laboratory, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS). Concurrently, he also holds an appointment as an Associate Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School. During his post-doctoral training, Dr. Ong has led the genomic research in various cancers prevalent in Asia including lymphoma, cholangiocarcinoma and fibroepithelial tumors of the breast. Dr Ong, along with other collaborating scientists in the field of cancer research, was awarded the “AACR Team Science Award 2018” by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), recognizing the outstanding interdisciplinary team’s work in furthering the knowledge of Asian prevalent cancers.




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