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ChamQ SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix( Without ROX )

ChamQTMSYBRColorqPCRMasterMix(WithoutROX)模板示踪型染料法定量PCR检测试剂盒减少移液错误:通过提供不同颜色的试剂,利用移液过程中的变色效应,追踪移液过程,减少移液错误。扩增高度特异:新型抗体法热启动酶ChampagneTaqTM  DNAPolymerase,配以优化的Buffer和专利特异性促进因子ExactorTM,有效避免引物二聚体和非特异性扩增的产
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This product realizes the visualization of the sample addition process through the color change reaction after the amplification template is added, which greatly improves the sample addition efficiency. The Champagne TaqTM DNA Polymerase is a new type of antibody hot-start DNA polymerase, which has many advantages such as wide compatibility, strong amplification performance, and high sensitivity. It is equipped with the most suitable Buffer optimized for Realtime-PCR and patent specificity. The promotion factor ExactorTM perfectly balances the contradiction between amplification specificity and amplification efficiency.


Reduce pipetting errors: By providing reagents of different colors, using the color change effect during pipetting, tracking the pipetting process and reducing pipetting errors;
Amplification is highly specific: the new antibody method hot-start enzyme Champagne TaqTM DNA Polymerase, coupled with optimized Buffer and patent specific promotion factor ExactorTM, effectively avoid the generation of primer dimers and non-specific amplification;
Excellent amplification performance: single-digit copy gene expression can be detected, and the target gene location is accurate and reliable;
Perfect compatibility: ROX premixed version is available, suitable for all mainstream quantitative PCR machines


2×ChamQ SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix: long-term storage at -20°C and protected from light, after thawing, stable storage at 4°C and protected from light for 6 months; 10×Dilution Buffer: storage at -20°C

ChamQTM SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix( Without ROX )
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