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VAMNE Magnetic Pathogen  DNA/RNA Kit (Prepackaged) RM602

VAMNE Magnetic Pathogen DNA/RNA Kit (Prepackaged) RM602

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This kit is intended for isolation and purification of DNA and RNA from biological fluid samples (alveolar lavage fluid, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, swab eluate, serum, plasma, etc.). It combines chemical and mechanical lysis methods and can efficiently lyse bacterial and fungal cells with thick cell walls. The kit uses high-affinity silicon-based magnetic beads, which adsorb nucleic acids in a high-salt buffer through hydrogen bonds and electrostatic forces. Unwanted proteins and salt ions are then rinsed away. Nucleic acids will be released in a low-salt eluent or Nuclease-free ddH2O, enabling fast isolation and purification of nucleic acids. The kit is compatible with an automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument (Vazyme #VNP-32P) that leverages magnetic bead-based adsorption. Specially designed magnetic bars are used to adsorb, transfer, and release magnetic beads, allowing for automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification via the transfer of magnetic beads and nucleic acids. The DNA and RNA isolated with this kit are suitable for various downstream applications, including PCR, real-time PCR, metagenomic library preparation, and DNA/RNA library preparation.

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