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VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit for MGI V2 NDM627

VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit for MGI V2 NDM627

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    VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit for MGI V2 is a fragment enzyme DNA library preparation kit developed specifically for MGI high-performance sequencing platform. This kit was optimized and upgraded for the original version, which significantly reduced the proportion of Artificial Invert Chimera Reads in the FFPE sample DNA library while maintaining the original high performance, and improved the reliability of SNV detection. This kit combines DNA fragmentation, end repair and dA tailing into one step. The adapter ligation, library amplification and size selection can be performed directly without additional purification. The 100 pg - 1 μg template DNA can be converted into the library for MGI high-performance sequencing platforms. This kit is fully compatible with DNA from different sources and different input amounts. The required library can be achieved simply by adjusting the fragmentation time according to the size of the insert fragment. All the reagents provided in the kit have undergone rigorous quality control and functional testing to ensure the optimal stability and repeatability of library preparation.


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    Store at -30 ~ -15℃ and transport at ≤0℃.

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