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VAHTS Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for MGI NDM607

VAHTS Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for MGI NDM607

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Product Introduction

VAHTS® Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for MGI is a library construction kit optimized for the MGI high-throughput sequencing platform. This kit can convert 100 pg-4 μg Input DNA into a library dedicated to MGI high-throughput sequencing platform. As a new upgraded version, VAHTS® Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for MGI greatly improves the library conversion rate and amplified library output through the overall improvement of the end repair module, the connection module and the library amplification module. It is widely applicable to a variety of Construction of PCR library of samples. All reagents provided in the kit have undergone strict quality control and functional verification, ensuring the stability and reproducibility of library construction to the greatest extent.

Product Advantages

Efficient repair of DNA damage: effective repair of base damage, nicks, gaps and 3’ end closures
High library construction efficiency: both library conversion rate and amplification output are improved
Wide template compatibility: compatible with samples such as gDNA, FFPE DNA, cfDNA, Amplicons, etc.
Perfect compatibility with different quality samples: DNA repair enzymes have excellent performance on FFPE DNA with different DIN values
Short time-consuming library construction: the shortest single library construction only takes 90 minutes

Storage Conditions

Store at -30 ~ -15℃. Can be transported at -20 ~ 0℃

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