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VAHTS Free-Circulating DNA Maxi Kit N903

VAHTS Free-Circulating DNA Maxi Kit N903

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    Storage Conditions

    Box1, store at 2~8°C; the dissolved Proteinase K must be stored at -20°C; Box2, store at room temperature

    Product Introduction

    VAHTSTM Serum/Plasma Circulating DNA Kit is a superparamagnetic purification technology based on magnetic beads. It is a DNA extraction kit optimized for the enrichment of short fragments of free DNA in serum/plasma samples. Superparamagnetic silica nanomagnetic beads have a degree of dispersion. High, large surface area, good adsorption specificity, etc., efficiently bind and enrich DNA fragments.
    This kit is used to extract high-quality free DNA from serum and plasma samples with a flexible starting range (200 μl~2 ml). The operation is simple and fast, and there is no toxic organic solvent in the whole process. Targeted optimization for low molecular weight nucleic acids, it has the advantages of no preference for DNA extraction, high extraction yield, high nucleic acid purity, and strong reproducibility. The obtained DNA can be directly used in experiments such as quantitative PCR and second-generation sequencing. Compatible with manual extraction and automatic extraction processes, and compatible with cfDNA blood collection tubes without free aldehyde groups, such as Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT® or VAHTSTM. Free DNA storage blood collection tubes or ordinary EDTA blood collection tubes obtain plasma samples.

    Product Advantages

    Suitable for short cfDNA extraction;
    High extraction purity, high yield, accurate determination of product concentration;
    The extracted cfDNA has good coverage and no preference, suitable for the second-generation sequencing database construction experiment;
    Compatible with manual extraction and automatic extraction procedures

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