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VAHTS AmpSeq Multi-PCR Module V2 NA205

VAHTS AmpSeq Multi-PCR Module V2 NA205

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Storage Conditions

Store at -30 ~ -15℃

Product Introduction

VAHTSTM AmpSeq Multi-PCR Module V2 is an amplification reagent developed and designed on the basis of ultra-multiplex PCR technology. It is suitable for multiple amplification of 1-100 ng of gDNA, FFPE DNA, cfDNA and other templates. The optimized multiple amplification reagents include enzymes, dNTPs and reaction buffers required for amplification, which reduce pipetting operations during the experiment and make the results more stable. It can help researchers and testers to complete the ultra-high quality easily, quickly and with high quality. Multiplex PCR amplification, suitable for downstream targeted amplicon library construction and other experiments. This amplification reagent has undergone strict quality control and functional verification to ensure the stability and repeatability of the reagent to the greatest extent.

Product Advantages

The operation is quick and easy: from DNA to library amplification as low as 5 hours, manual operation time is less than 1.5 hours, and no purification steps are in between;
Compatible with multiple types of samples: compatible with genomic DNA, cfDNA, FFPE DNA;
Very high on-target ratio: the ratio is close to 100%;
Excellent data uniformity: >95%;
Very low template starting amount: starting DNA template amount as low as 1 ng

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