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VAHTS AmpSeq Library Prep Kit V2 NA201

VAHTS AmpSeq Library Prep Kit V2 NA201

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    VAHTSTM AmpSeq Library Prep Kit V2 is an amplicon library building kit based on super multiplex PCR, introducing multiple core technologies such as end primer digestion, and connecting adapters to form a library. The whole process of library construction of this kit is carried out in one tube, and there is no purification step in the middle. The time from amplification to library generation is as low as 5 hours, and the manual operation time is less than 1.5 hours. The initial template volume of this kit is 1-100 ng, which is compatible with genomic DNA, FFPE samples, cfDNA and other templates. This kit is suitable for two mainstream high-throughput sequencing platforms, Illumina and Ion Torrent, and provides supporting adapters (Vazyme #NA111 series and Vazyme #NA121 series). Applicable Panels include VAHTSTM AmpSeq Cancer HotSpot Panel (Vazyme #NA102), Ion AmpliseqTM series Panel and AmpliSeq for Illumina series Panel, as well as corresponding customized panels. Compared with the previous generation product (Vazyme #NA101), this kit has greatly improved the compatibility of difficult samples such as FFPE and cfDNA on the basis of ensuring high coverage and high uniformity of the amplicon library. Amplification Mix reduces pipetting operations, and the result of library construction is more stable and reliable, helping researchers and testers to complete amplicon library construction easily, quickly and with high quality. All reagents provided in the kit have undergone strict quality control and functional verification, ensuring the stability and repeatability of library construction to the greatest extent.

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