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UniversalBenzo Nuclease DD4301

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  • DD4301-PC- 01: Sales specifications: 100 KU (400 μl)
  • DD4301-PC- 02: Sales specifications: 250 KU (1 ml)
  • DD4301-PC- 03: Sales specifications: 1.25 MU (5 ml)
  • DD4301-PC- 04: Sales specifications: 5 MU (20 ml)
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    Product Introduction

    UniversalBenzo Nuclease is a non-specific broad-spectrum endonuclease sourced from Serratia marcescens modified by genetic engineering. The product could degrade all forms of DNA and RNA which can fully digest nucleic acid into 2-5 bases 5'-monophosphate oligonucleotides. This enzyme could degrade RNA and DNA efficiently under broad reaction conditions. Therefore, it is widely used for removing the residual and contamination of nucleic acid in biological products. The product is expressed by large-scale fermentation of E.coli, purified and manufactured under GMP, which can reduce the viscosity of cellular supernatant and cell lysis solution in scientific research and production process, and also increase the efficiency of protein purification. In addition, it could degrade host residual nucleic acid of various vaccine production, protein and polysaccharide pharmacy industries of virus vector purification and inactivated vaccines down to picogram (pg) level.

    Product Features

    1. Strict Production Conditions: GMP manufacturing according to ICH Q7
    2. Efficient and Convenient: Efficiently degrade RNA and DNA under a wide range of conditions
    3. Biosafety: No animal origin, no antibiotics

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    Solution: Overall Solution for Nucleic Acid RemovalA4

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