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TUNEL BrightRed Apoptosis Detection Kit

TUNEL BrightRed Apoptosis Detection Kit

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    Storage Conditions

    Store at -20℃; Store BrightRed Labeling Mix at -20℃ in the dark

    Product Introduction

    This kit uses the TUNEL (TdT mediated dUTP Nick End Labeling) method to catalyze the incorporation of terminal deoxyribonucleotide transferase (TdT) at the 3'-hydroxyl (3'-OH) end of the broken DNA of apoptotic cells Tetramethylrhodamine-deoxyuridine triphosphate (TMR red-dUTP). The kit optimizes the labeling reaction, using the best ratio of TMR red-dUTP and unlabeled dNTP to carry out the 3'-OH terminal nucleotide Incorporation, so that the end of the same broken DNA fragment can form a longer labeled tail." This "labeled tail" reduces the steric hindrance of the labeling group on the adjacent incorporated dNTPs and increases the fluorescence on each broken fragment The number of groups reduces the aggregation and quenching that may be caused by adjacent fluorescent groups, thereby improving detection sensitivity and reducing non-specific reactions. The BrightRed Labeling Mix in the kit contains TMR red-dUTP and the patented Bright factor. This unique The small molecule compound of TMR red can be non-covalently combined with TMR red to enhance its stability and amplify its signal, thereby making the marker brighter and having stronger anti-quenching ability.

    Product Advantages

    The patented Bright factor makes the fluorescence brighter and the anti-quenching ability stronger;
    Label red fluorescence, which is convenient for co-labeling with other green fluorescence such as GFP;
    Highly active recombinant TdT enzyme ensures the efficiency of fluorescence incorporation;
    Suitable for cell slides, paraffin sections and frozen sections

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