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Taq Pro Multiple Probe qPCR Mix QN213-EN

Taq Pro Multiple Probe qPCR Mix QN213-EN

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Taq Pro Multiple Probe qPCR Mix is a master mix for probe qPCR to detect DNA templates (such as DNA viruses). The core component, Taq Pro HS DNA Polymerase, is a new generation hot start DNA polymerase that has been modified based on antibody technique and upgraded to improve template affinity. Equipped with the most suitable buffer optimized for the qPCR system, amplification performance with multiple targets, amplification specificity and sensitivity for detection of low-copy genes and amplification curve shape are significantly improved. It can provide excellent amplification curve within a wide quantitative range, and accurately quantify and detect target genes, with good repeatability and high reliability. It has wide compatibility in terms of template type, template GC content, and primer Tm values. And it also has good tolerance to impurities and is suitable for use in a variety of testing scenarios. The product is a 2 × master mix. Only primers, probes and templates need to be added additionally. It is convenient to use and compatible with fast program to reduce test time.


Key Data

Excellent amplification performance

For the virus system, Vazyme brand and other brands of qPCR reagent were used for amplification and detection. The results showed that Vazyme#QN213 had better sensitivity and platform period than other brands in FAM/ROX/VIC/CY5 channel.


QN213 components


Store at -30 ~ -15℃ and transport at ≤0℃.

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