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T7 RNAi Transcription Kit TR102

T7 RNAi Transcription Kit TR102

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  • TR102-01: Sales specifications: 25 rxn
  • TR102-02: Sales specifications: 50 rxn
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    Product Introduction

    T7 RNA ploymerase can recognize DNA templates with T7 promoters, and use four NTPs as substrates to synthesize RNA by in vitro transcription. The T7 RNAi Transcription Kit is an optimized version designed for the transcription of double-stranded RNA based on the T7 High Yield RNA Transcription Kit. It can be used to transcribe 21 bp siRNA and long fragment dsRNA. The purified transcript can be used in RNAi experiments mediated by cationic liposomes, calcium phosphate co-precipitation, electroporation, DEAE-dextran, and microinjection. In general, one reaction can produce 20-80 µg of RNA.

    Product Advantages

    Can transcribe siRNA and long dsRNA;
    The yield is as high as 20-80 μg;
    RNA magnetic beads can quickly and efficiently purify transcription products


    TR 102 Components


    Store Box 1 at -30 ~ -15℃, and transport at ≤0℃. Store Box 2 at 2 ~ 8℃. Adjust the shipping method according to the destination.


    Gao, Jie, et al. "Interferon functional analog activates antiviral Jak/Stat signaling through integrin in an arthropod." Cell Reports 36.13 (2021): 109761.Impact Factor:9.423

    Zhao, Shudi, et al. "BmNPV p35 Reduces the Accumulation of Virus-Derived siRNAs and Hinders the Function of siRNAs to Facilitate Viral Infection." Frontiers in immunology 13 (2022): 845268-845268.Impact Factor:7.561

    Zhao, Bao-Rui, Xin-Xin Wang, and Xian-Wei Wang. "Shoc2 recognizes bacterial flagellin and mediates antibacterial Erk/Stat signaling in an invertebrate." PLoS pathogens 18.1 (2022): e1010253.Impact Factor:6.823

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