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T7 Endonuclease I EN303

T7 Endonuclease I EN303

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T7 Endonuclease I recognizes and cuts incompletely matched DNA, cross-shaped structure DNA, Holiday structure or DNA bifurcation points, heterologous DNA; at the same time, it can cut double-stranded DNA with cutting sites at a lower speed. The enzyme cleaves the first, second or third phosphodiester bond at the 5'end of the mismatch site. This product is a high-purity active protein expressed and purified in Escherichia coli after the recombinant T7 endonuclease I gene has been cloned. It can be used for gene mutation, SNP, TALEN or CRISPR/Cas9 mutant detection, identification of mismatched DNA, and decomposition of four Directional cross DNA or branched DNA; detection of heterodimer or cut DNA; or used for random cutting of linear DNA for Shot-gun cloning.

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High detection sensitivity;
Products can be directly detected by electrophoresis




Store at -20°C for up to 24 months.

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