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Single Cell Sequence Specific Amplification Kit P621

Single Cell Sequence Specific Amplification Kit P621

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Product Introduction

The Single Cell Squence Specific Amplification Kit is based on a one-step RT-PCR amplification method, which is used to realize the amplification of the transcriptome in single cells or trace amounts of total RNA, so that you can uncover the expression levels of different genes between individual cells. This kit realizes that RNA extraction and purification, reverse transcription and PCR reactions are completed in the same tube, no additional operations are required. It has the advantages of saving time, reducing experimental errors, reducing pollution, and improving sensitivity. This kit is also suitable for one-step expansion of 2 - 1000 cells, and the number of cycles of one-step expansion should be reduced according to the number of cells.


Product Advantages

Suitable for 1-10,000 cells;
One-step RT-PCR pre-amplification;
Up to 500 target genes can be amplified;
The amplified product is suitable for analysis by any real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument;
High sensitivity, low cost




Store at -20℃ for up to 18 months.

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