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RNA Keeper Tissue Stabilizer R501

RNA Keeper Tissue Stabilizer R501

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RNA Keeper Tissue Stabilizer is a non-toxic solution that quickly penetrates into tissues, inactivates endogenous RNase, and immediately stabilizes and protects RNA integrity. Immersed in RNA Keeper Tissue Stabilizer, fresh tissue samples can be stored at 37℃ for 1 day, room temperature for 1 week, 4℃ for 4 weeks or stored at -80 ~ -20℃ for a long time, they are not required to be frozen in liquid nitrogen, and repeated Freeze-thaw does not significantly affect the integrity of the RNA. Samples stored in the RNA Keeper Tissue Stabilizer can be directly used for RNA extraction using RNA isolater total RNA extraction reagent (Vazyme #R401) or spin column (Vazyme #RC112). RNA Keeper Tissue Stabilizer can be also used for the preservation of tissues such as brain, heart, liver, pancreas, kidney, spleen, testes, muscles and the like.



Storage Conditions

Store at 15 ~ 25℃ for up to 24 months,  and transport at room temperature.

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