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RNA Keeper -ICE Tissue Transition Buffer

RNA Keeper -ICE Tissue Transition Buffer

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    Store at room temperature

    Product Introduction

    RNA Keeper-ICE Tissue Transition Buffer is a new type of reagent that can transform frozen tissue into a state that can be easily processed by ordinary homogenization methods to extract high-quality RNA. It eliminates the need to grind the frozen tissue into powder before homogenization, and even further cut the tissue before homogenization. In the process of treating with RNA Keeper-ICE solution, when the tissue changes from a hard frozen state to a soft state, the solution penetrates into the tissue and inactivates the RNase. Once the tissue is treated with RNA Keeper-ICE solution, it can be operated at room temperature without worrying about RNA degradation. The sample can be safely weighed, further cut, or subjected to various experiments without affecting the quality of RNA. The sample can be directly added to the lysis solution to be broken, or stored at -20°C for a long time.

    Product Advantages

    Superior reaction system: the most suitable Buffer composition and concentration, more suitable for microRNA reverse transcription and qPCR experiments;

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