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Ribo-off rRNA Depletion Kit (Plant) N409

Ribo-off rRNA Depletion Kit (Plant) N409

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    Storage Conditions

    Store at -30°C~-15°C

    Product Introduction

    Ribo-off® rRNA depletion kit (Plant) is a kit for removing rRNA from the total RNA of plant roots, seeds and leaves. This kit is suitable for total plant RNA with a template starting amount of 1-5 μg. The total RNA sample undergoes steps such as rRNA and probe hybridization, RNase H digestion, DNase I digestion and other steps, and finally rRNA (including 5S, 18S and 25S rRNA) Remove from total RNA, retain mRNA and other non-coding RNA, which can be used for the analysis of non-coding RNA such as LncRNA; the kit additionally provides digestion probes targeting mitochondrial rRNA and chloroplast rRNA, which can efficiently remove major plant species rRNA provides the most informative sequencing results. The kit is suitable for both intact and partially degraded RNA samples, and the resulting products are suitable for RNA libraries and other experiments.

    Product Advantages

    High sensitivity;
    High coverage
    High uniformity
    High fidelity
    high production;
    easy to use;
    Low equipment requirements

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