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Phi29 MAX DNA Polymerase N106

Phi29 MAX DNA Polymerase N106

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Phi29 MAX DNA Polymerase is a DNA polymerase cloned from Bacillus subtilis phage phi29. Phi29 MAX DNAPolymerase has strong strand displacement activity, which can realize the melting and replication of complex DNA structures, and perform isothermal DNA polymerization reactions in vitro that do not rely on thermal cycling. Phi29 MAX DNA Polymerase has strong chain affinity. A single polymerization reaction can achieve continuous polymerization extension up to 100 kb. In addition, Phi29 MAX DNA Polymerase also has a strong 3'-5' exo-checking activity, which guarantees The fidelity is 1000 times that of Taq enzyme, which is higher than the fidelity of most current high-fidelity enzymes, which guarantees the high fidelity of DNA synthesis, and is very suitable for in vitro preparation of plasmids and complete gene assembly.

Product Advantages

easy to use;
Compatible with multiple types of libraries;
Very wide range of template starting amount;
Excellent amplification speed;
Excellent stability


N106 components


Store at 20°C. For long-term storage, please store below -70°C to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

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