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One Step U+ Probe Mouse Genotyping Kit PD104

One Step U+ Probe Mouse Genotyping Kit PD104

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Product Introduction

This kit contains a complete set of crude DNA extraction from animal tissues and QPCR amplification system with anti-pollution probe method, which is suitable for rapid genotyping of mice (Rapid Genotyping). This kit can be used to quickly release genomic DNA from mouse tails, ears, toes and other tissues. The products are directly amplified by QPCR, avoiding operations such as multiple open capping and pipetting. The genotype results are directly obtained by software analysis, avoiding manual checking The input introduces errors and can greatly reduce the time-consuming experiment. The dUTP/UDG anti-pollution system in the reagent can rapidly degrade U-containing pollutants at room temperature, significantly reducing aerosol pollution and improving the detection throughput and reproducibility of results.

Product Advantages

The animal tissue can be processed quickly;
The lysate after briefly heating is directly used as a template for quantitative PCR detection based on the dual-probe method based on heat-sensitive UDG anti-contamination, and the corresponding genotype can be directly output by the instrument software to avoid manual verification of data to introduce errors;
The operation is simple and convenient, effectively preventing pipetting contamination and DNA aerosol contamination.


PD104 components


1 x Mouse tissue Lysis Buffer is stored at 4°C; the remaining components are stored at -20°C; please avoid repeated freezing and thawing during use. If the amount is small each time, it is recommended to use small portions.

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