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One-Step PAGE Gel Fast Preparation Kit (15%) E305

One-Step PAGE Gel Fast Preparation Kit (15%) E305

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One-Step PAGE Gel Fast Preparation Kit is designed for the rapid preparation of polyacrylamide gels. This product adopts the pre-mixed formula of the stacking gel and the resolving gel. It only needs to mix the reagents in pairs and add the APS to make the gel. After pouring the resolving gel, the stacking gel can be directly poured, which is simple and fast. The supplied stacking gel is colored for easy adding samples and distinguishing between different gels. The APS provided with it has good stability and polymerization effect, and there is no need to add TEMED in the process of preparing gels. This kit can make 125 mini PAGE gels (calculated based on 0.75 mm thickness gels), and the casted gels can be used for denaturing or native PAGE gel electrophoresis.

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