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MycoBlue Mycoplasma Detector D101

MycoBlue Mycoplasma Detector D101

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    Store at -20℃

    Product Introduction

    Myco-BlueTM Mycoplasma Detector is a rapid detection reagent for mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. Its core is Vazyme's unique isothermal amplification technology. Myco-BlueTM Mycoplasma Detector is very easy to use, just add 1 μl of cell culture supernatant to the reaction system and incubate at 60°C for 1 h. If the cell culture is contaminated by mycoplasma, the conservative sequence of mycoplasma DNA will be specifically amplified by isothermal DNA polymerase, which will change the reaction solution from purple to sky blue. The result can be judged by visual observation. There is no need for a PCR machine/qPCR machine, no electrophoresis, and it can be done easily in the cell room. It is very suitable for daily mycoplasma detection in biopharmaceutical companies, vaccine manufacturers, monoclonal antibody manufacturers, cell therapy/embryo laboratories and scientific research laboratories.

    Product Advantages

    Take 1 μl of culture supernatant for direct detection without sample pretreatment; the product does not need electrophoresis to avoid false positives; the color is clearly distinguished, and there are no weak positives/false negatives; the accuracy is comparable to qPCR method, better than PCR method

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