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Myco-Off Mycoplasma Cleaner D103

Myco-Off Mycoplasma Cleaner D103

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  • D103-01: Sales specifications: 100 μl
  • D103-02: Sales specifications: 500 μl
  • D103-03: Sales specifications: 1000 μl
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    Store at -20℃

    Product Introduction

    Myco-OffTM Mycoplasma Cleaner is the latest generation of mycoplasma removal reagent, mainly used to remove mycoplasma in cells, serum and culture media. This product is different from commonly used antibiotics. Its removal principle is to destroy the membrane structure of mycoplasma, causing the mycoplasma to rupture and die; it can effectively remove antibiotic-resistant mycoplasma without causing drug resistance; for common Gram-negative and Positive bacteria also have a certain inhibitory effect. After using this product for 3-7 days, the intracellular and extracellular mycoplasma can be completely removed, and there is no secondary pollution of mycoplasma within 4 months. Myco-OffTM Mycoplasma Cleaner can remove most types of mycoplasma without being toxic to the cell itself; it is suitable for commonly used cell lines such as mouse embryonic stem cells or iPS cells, human embryonic stem cells or iPS cells, HEK293, HeLa, HepG2, HCT116 , COS-7, Vero, Huh-7, MDCK, PANC-1, SW620 and U2OS etc.

    Product Advantages

    Can directly kill mycoplasma instead of inhibiting its growth; it only takes 3-7 days to get a good mycoplasma clearance effect; low cytotoxicity, suitable for a variety of common cell lines and primary cells

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