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Mut Express II Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2 C214

Mut Express II Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2 C214

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    Product Introduction

    Mut Express® II Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2 is a site-directed mutagenesis system based on ClonExpress® rapid cloning technology. Using this kit, the target plasmid amplification product is digested with DpnI, ClonExpress® recombination and circularized, and then directly transformed to complete the site-directed mutation. The kit consists of Phanta® Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase amplification module and ClonExpress® rapid cloning module. The ultra-high fidelity of Phanta® MaxSuper-Fidelity DNA Polymerase significantly reduces the possibility of introducing new mutations during the amplification process. The ClonExpress® rapid cloning system uses efficient homologous recombination to replace the traditional annealing loop reaction. Highly optimized reaction buffers, fast operating procedures and extremely high success rate make Mut Express® II Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2 the first choice for DNA site-directed mutagenesis.

    Product Advantages

    Phanta® Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase high-fidelity enzyme provides PCR reactions with ultra-high fidelity;
    The amplification is carried out in an exponential manner, and the template usage is extremely low, which is conducive to the complete degradation of the original methylated template;
    The amplified product can be directly used in the recombination reaction after being digested by DpnI;
    Site-directed mutagenesis can be performed on a single site or two discrete sites (more than 50 bp apart) on the target plasmid at the same time


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    Storage Conditions

    Store the product at -20℃, and it will be valid for 1 year.

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