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MiPure Cell / Tissue miRNA Kit

MiPure Cell / Tissue miRNA Kit

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    Storage Conditions

    Box 1: Store at 4℃ and avoid light
    Box 2: Store at room temperature

    Product Introduction

    MiPure Cell / Tissue miRNA Kit is suitable for extracting small RNA (miRNA, <200 nt) from less than 5 x 106 eukaryotic cells or less than 100 mg animal tissues. The resulting miRNA has high purity without large RNA or genome DNA contamination can be directly used for chip analysis, Northern hybridization, RT-PCR and miRNA library construction. This kit combines high-efficiency RNA Isolater extraction reagents and silica gel column purification technology to complete the extraction of miRNA within 1 hour; it can also be used to separate and extract large molecular RNA (>200 nt) or total RNA (including miRNA) to satisfy users Different needs.

    Product Advantages

    The miRNA extraction efficiency is high, and the starting amount is wide;
    Larger RNA and genomic DNA have fewer residues;
    Easy to operate, strong compatibility

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