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Library Dilution Buffer NQ106

Library Dilution Buffer NQ106

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  • NQ106: Sales specifications: 50ml
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    Storage Conditions

    All components should be stored at -20°C, Master Mix and ROX should be protected from light

    Product Introduction

    This product is a special kit for the concentration determination of high-throughput sequencing libraries on the Illumina® platform using the dye qPCR method. The working principle is to draw a standard curve using standard products, and then calculate the absolute concentration of the library to be tested based on the standard curve. The kit uses a new dye-based qPCR premix VAHTSTM SYBR® qPCR Master Mix based on antibody hot start. This premix has many advantages such as high specificity, high amplification efficiency, wide adaptability of GC content, high detection sensitivity, etc., and is very suitable for absolute quantification of library concentration. All reagents provided in the kit have undergone strict quality control to ensure the reproducibility of experimental results between different batches to the greatest extent.

    Product Advantages

    Include all necessary components for absolute quantification;
    New dye method qPCR master mix VAHTSTM SYBR® qPCR Master Mix;
    High amplification efficiency and good GC content compatibility;
    The standard product is quantitatively accurate, and the CV value between batches is <5%;
    Carefully optimized ROX dye concentration, ROX premixed version is available;
    Compatible with all mainstream quantitative PCR machines

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