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HiScript III RT SuperMix for qPCR (+gDNA wiper) R323

HiScript III RT SuperMix for qPCR (+gDNA wiper) R323

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Hiscript Ⅲ RT SuperMix for PCR (+gDNA wiper) is an upgraded vesion of Hiscript Ⅱ Q RT Supermix for GPCR(+gDNA wiper), induding Hiscript Ⅲ Reverse Transcriptase, a new generation of reverse transcriptase with optimized Buffer. This kit further improves the efficiency of DNA synthesis, and is suitable for two-step qRT-PCR detection. The 4 x DNA wiper Mix in the kit completely removes residual genomic DNA from the RNA template ensuing more reliable quantive results. It simplifies PCR primer design without the need to design primers across introns 5 x Hiscript Ⅲ qRT SuperMix contains all components requried for the reverse transcription reaction and it can be started rapidly after the addition of template RNA and Rnase-free ddH₂O, and the gDNA wiper is terminated to ensure the integrity of the cDNA. It is compatible with dye-based and probe-based qPCR, enabling high-performance gene expression analysis.



R323 Components


Store at -30~-15℃  for up to 12 months, and transport at  ≤℃.

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