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Detergent Compatible Bradford Protein Quantification Kit E211

Detergent Compatible Bradford Protein Quantification Kit E211

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    Storage Conditions

    Bradford Reagent 2℃ ~8℃ storage, BSA Standard -30℃ ~-15℃ storage

    Product Introduction

    Bradford method (Coomassie Brilliant Blue Method) is one of the most sensitive methods for determining protein concentration. When Bradford staining solution (Coomassie Brilliant Blue G250) and protein are combined under acidic conditions, the color of the solution changes from brown-black to blue , The maximum absorbance wavelength is changed from 456 nm to 595 nm, and the absorbance value has a good linear relationship with the protein content within a certain concentration range. By measuring the absorbance value and comparing the absorbance value of the standard protein, the protein concentration is calculated to achieve The protein concentration determination is fast, stable and highly sensitive.
    This reagent has been upgraded through research and development, and has a high tolerance to detergents commonly used in protein extraction. Compared with the conventional Bradford protein concentration determination kit, this kit is compatible with a series of common detergents, and overcomes the shortcomings of Bradford method that is sensitive to detergents. Compared with the BCA method, it is compatible with high-concentration reducing agents. And the detection speed is extremely fast, and it is faster when detecting the protein concentration of detergent samples.

    Product Advantages

    The detection of protein has high sensitivity and easy operation;
    Good linear relationship;
    It has strong tolerance to detergents and is compatible with very high concentrations of detergents;
    Good stability, BSA standard protein is more pure

    Application Notes Abstract

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