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ChamQ Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix Q811

ChamQ Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix Q811

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  • Q811-02: Sales specifications: 500 rxn
  • Q811-03: Sales specifications: 2500 rxn/20 μl reaction
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    Storage Conditions

    Store at -30~-15°C away from light

    Product Introduction

    This product realizes the visualization of the sample addition process through the color change reaction after the amplification template is added, which greatly improves the sample addition efficiency. The Champagne TaqTM DNA Polymerase is a new type of antibody hot-start DNA polymerase, which has many advantages such as wide compatibility, strong amplification performance, and high sensitivity. It is equipped with the most suitable Buffer optimized for Realtime-PCR and patent specificity. The promotion factor ExactorTM perfectly balances the contradiction between amplification specificity and amplification efficiency.

    Product Advantages

    Reduce pipetting errors: By providing reagents of different colors, the color change effect during pipetting is used to track the pipetting process and reduce pipetting errors.
    Amplification is highly specific: the new antibody method hot-start enzyme Champagne TaqTM DNA Polymerase, coupled with optimized Buffer and patented specific promotion factor ExactorTM, effectively avoids primer dimers and non-specific amplification.
    Excellent amplification performance: single-digit copy gene expression can be detected, and target gene positioning is accurate and reliable.
    Perfect compatibility: ROX premixed version is available, suitable for all mainstream quantitative PCR machines

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