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CCK-8 Cell Counting Kit A311

CCK-8 Cell Counting Kit A311

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    Storage Conditions

    Store at 4℃ and avoid light

    Product Introduction

    CCK-8 Cell Counting Kit, referred to as CCK-8 kit, is dependent on WST-8 (2-(2-methoxy-4-nitrophenyl)-3-(4-nitrophenyl)-5- (2,4-Disulfobenzene)-2H-tetrazole monosodium salt) is a fast, highly sensitive, non-radioactive colorimetric detection kit widely used in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity detection. WST-8 is electronically coupled The carrier 1-Methoxy PMS can be reduced by some dehydrogenases in the mitochondria to form a highly water-soluble orange-yellow formazan product (Formazan). The color of the formazan produced is directly proportional to cell proliferation and inversely proportional to cytotoxicity. .
    Use a microplate reader to measure the absorbance at 450 nm wavelength, which can indirectly reflect the number of living cells. The CCK-8 Solution of this kit is a ready-to-use reagent, which can be directly added to the cell sample and can be tested after incubating for a certain period of time. There is no need to pre-prepare various components.

    Product Advantages

    Simple operation; high sensitivity; low cytotoxicity

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