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BCA Protein Quantification Kit E112

BCA Protein Quantification Kit E112

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    BCA Reagent A/B 2-8°C storage, BSA Standard -30-15°C storage

    Product Introduction

    The BCA Protein Quantification Kit is currently one of the most sensitive protein determination methods. Under alkaline conditions, the protein reduces Cu2+ to Cu+, and Cu+ interacts with the unique BCA Reagent A (containing BCA). The reaction produces a sensitive color reaction and forms a purple complex. The water-soluble complex shows strong absorbance at A562 nm, and the absorbance and protein concentration have a good linear relationship in a wide range. The absorbance can be calculated Protein concentration. Therefore, use a microplate reader to measure its absorbance at A562 nm and compare it with the standard curve to calculate the concentration of the protein to be tested.
    Commonly used detergents such as SDS, Triton X-100, Tween-20 do not affect the test results, but are affected by chelating agents (EDTA, EGTA), reducing agents (DTT, mercaptoethanol) and lipids. In the experiment, if the background value of the sample dilution or lysate itself is found to be high, the Bradford protein concentration determination kit can be used.

    Product Advantages

    Simple operation; high sensitivity; wide compatibility; standard curve with high linear relationship

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