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Automated Liquid Handling Workstation VNL-96P

Automated Liquid Handling Workstation VNL-96P

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Product Introduction

VNL-96P is a highly efficient, flexible and widely used automatic liquid handling workstation, which is characterized by easy operation, high throughput, high accuracy, good cost performance, and high adaptability. Equipped with 96-channel pipette, it can run the conventional high-throughput sequencing library preparation and laboratory liquid handling. Equipped with a stack system, it can implement the full automatic operation design, and can achieve long-term work away. Inheco PCR instrument and Inheco temperature control oscillation module are equipped to perfectly match the hybridization capture process. It can also explore multiple application scenarios and customize script design through the visualized script editing system.


Visualized edition software

Fresh operator is easily able of operating it in a professional way with visualized figure program edition and special liquid level display design. 

High degree of automation, less man-intervention

24 plate position with PCR plate stacking function make it come to truth that it is no required to load reagent or consumables during general DNAseq.

Easy to connect LIMS

Automatically scan the code, preset the fields in the software database to record the common parameters, and directly read the database through LIMS docking.

Excellent compatibility

It can be compatible with various reagent in the market.

Matched Inheco temperature control module

An Inheco PCR instrument and temperature control oscillation module implement accurate temperature control.

Performance and component specification

Transportation and Storage


Humidity:20%~80%,no condensation

Atmospheric pressure:80.0kPa~106.0kPa

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