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Add&ReadTM Human Fc Kit DD2102

Add&ReadTM Human Fc Kit DD2102

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  • DD2102-01: Sales specifications: 500 tests
  • DD2102-02: Sales specifications: 10,000 tests
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    Storage Conditions

    Storage temperature: -30 ~ -15℃, can be transported at -20 ~ 0℃.
    Diluent and Detection buffer are frozen and transported, and can be stored at 2 ~ 8℃ after use;
    Anti-human IgG-Eu and Human IgG-A2: It is recommended to store in -20℃ or -70℃ in aliquots to avoid repeated freezing and thawing;
    IgG Standard: After adding ddH2O to dissolve, it is recommended to aliquot into 1.5 ml EP tubes and store at -20°C or -70°C to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

    Product Introduction

    Add&ReadTM Human Fc Kit can be used to detect the concentration of Human IgG or hFc-fusion protein (hFc-fusion protien) in the cell supernatant or after purification. There is an antibody in the kit that recognizes the Fc region of Human IgG and marks the fluorescent donor Eu (anti-human IgG-Eu); and Human IgG, labeled with fluorescent receptor A2 (Human IgG-A2).
    In the solution, anti-human IgG-Eu binds to Human IgG-A2, 320 nm light excites fluorescence donor Eu, Eu donor emits 620 nm light, this 620 nm light excites fluorescent acceptor A2, A2 acceptor It emits 665 nm light, which is the phenomenon of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). When the human IgG or hFc-fusion protien to be tested is added to the solution, it will compete to bind anti-human IgG-Eu and destroy the FRET phenomenon. The concentration of Human IgG or hFc-fusion protien to be tested is inversely proportional to the FRET signal value (the ratio of light intensity at 665 nm/620 nm). This kit can be used to detect cell supernatant and purified human IgG, hFc-fusion protein or bispecific antibodies.

    Product Advantages

    Simple steps
    Has good compatibility
    Quantitatively accurate

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