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AceQ qPCR SYBR® Green Master Mix Q111

AceQ qPCR SYBR® Green Master Mix Q111

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  • Q111-02: Sales specifications: 500 rxn/20 μl reaction
  • Q111-03: Sales specifications: 2500 rxn
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    AceQ qPCR SYBR Green Master Mix is a special premix for qPCR reaction using SYBR Green I chimeric fluorescence method. The core component, AceTaq DNA Polymerase, is a chemically modified hot-start DNA Polymerase, which combined with the optimal Buffer optimized for qPCR. The AceTaq DNA Polymerase can effectively inhibit non-specific amplification, thus significantly improving the amplification efficiency, and is suitable for high-sensitivity qPCR reaction. This kit is a 2 × premix reagent containing SYBR Green I, the optimal concentration for qPCR reaction, which can obtain a good standard curve in a wide quantitative range. This kit has the advantages of good reproducibility and high reliability for accurate quantification and detection of target genes.


    Q111 Components


    Store at -30 ~ -15℃ and protect from light. Transport at ≤ 0℃.


    Wang, Fei, et al. "The long noncoding RNA Synage regulates synapse stability and neuronal function in the cerebellum." Cell Death & Differentiation 28.9 (2021): 2634-2650.Impact Factor:15.828

    Huang, Huang, et al. "Liver X receptor 尾 is required for the survival of single-positive thymocytes by regulating IL-7R伪 expression."聽Cellular & Molecular Immunology聽18.8 (2021): 1969-1980.Impact Factor:11.53

    Sun, Yi, et al. "Expression of miRNA-29 in pancreatic β cells promotes inflammation and diabetes via TRAF3." Cell reports 34.1 (2021): 108576.Impact Factor:9.423

    Cui, Meihui, et al. "NIR light-responsive bacteria with live bio-glue coatings for precise colonization in the gut." Cell Reports 36.11 (2021): 109690.Impact Factor:9.423

    Huang, Guangping, et al. "Seasonal shift of the gut microbiome synchronizes host peripheral circadian rhythm for physiological adaptation to a low-fat diet in the giant panda." Cell reports 38.3 (2022): 110203.Impact Factor:9.423

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