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0.1 ml 8-Tube PCR Strips (with Caps) PCR00801-EN

0.1 ml 8-Tube PCR Strips (with Caps) PCR00801-EN

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8-tube PCR strip is a disposable molecular experimental consumable specifically for PCR and qPCR experiments. The product is carefully developed from high-quality polypropylene material, which can be applied to both rapid and standard real-time PCR system and thermal cycler. The ingenious design of the tube and cap makes the tube cover firmly sealed, which helps to reduce cross contamination. The arrow direction of cap and digital marking of the tube can effectively improve the convenience of adding samples and reduce the risk of misplacing samples. Strict production environment and quality control system to ensure product stability, to ensure that the product is free from human DNA contamination and DNA /RNA enzyme contamination. All help to improve the accuracy of qPCR results!

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