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TIMe for a change

Phanta Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase is a new generation superior enzyme based on Phanta DNA Polymerase for robust PCR with higher fidelity. The unique extension factor, specificity-promoting factors and plateau un-inhibitory factor newly added to Phanta Max greatly improve its long-fragment amplification ability, specificity, and PCR yield. Phanta Max is capable of amplifying long fragments such as 40 kb λDNA, 40 kb plasmid DNA, 20 kb genomic DNA and 10 kb cDNA. The amplification error rate of Phanta Max is 53-fold lower than that of conventional Taq and 6-fold lower than that of Pfu. In addition, Phanta Max has a good resistance to PCR inhibitors and can be used for direct PCR amplifications of bacteria, fungi, plant tissues, animal tissues, and even whole blood samples. 

2 × Rapid Taq Master Mix contains Taq DNA Polymerase, elongation promoting factor, dNTP and an optimized buffer system. The amplification speed of this product can reach 15 sec/kb, which is suitable for rapid PCR. The maximum amplification speed within 1 kb can reach 1 sec/kb, greatly saving reaction time. The pre-prepared 2 × Master Mix only needs to add primers and templates to perform amplification, which reduces pipetting operations and improves detection throughput and results reproducibility. The kit has excellent amplification performance and high storage stability. It is suitable for PCR amplification within 5 kb using genome as template and PCR amplification within 10 kb using plasmid and λDNA as template. The protective agent added to the system allows 2 × Master Mix to maintain stable activity after repeated freezing and thawing. The kit provides a version containing electrophoresis buffer and green loading dye, which can be directly electrophoresed after the reaction that is convenient to use. 

VAHTS Universal V8 RNA-seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina is an RNA-seq library preparation kit specifically designed for Illumina high-throughput sequencing plat_x005f_x0002_forms. The kit is perfectly compatible with total RNA from various types of samples, and the minimum starting input required for this kit is as low as 10 ng.
In addition, this kit combines second-strand synthesis, end repair, and dA- tailing in a single step and eliminates the need for purification during the process, which greatly streamlines the operation workflow and shortens the library preparation time. The kit also provides two types of cDNA Second- Strand Synthesis Buffer for either general or strand-specific RNA-seq library preparation.

VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina V2 is a DNA library preparation kit featuring enzyme-based fragmentation specifically developed for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platforms. This kit is an upgraded version of the original one. It significantly reduces the proportion of Artificial Invert Chimera Reads in the DNA library of FFPE samples and improves the reliability of the detection of SNV and other biomarkers while maintaining the original high performance. The kit combines DNA fragmentation, end repair, and dA-tailing into one step. The adapter ligation, library amplification, and size selection can be performed directly without additional purification. The 100 pg to 1 μg template DNA can be converted into the library suitable for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platforms. 

VAHTS Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina V4 is a library preparation kit targeted for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform optimization. 100 pg-1 μg of fragmented double-stranded DNA can be converted into a dedicated library for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. As a new generation of upgraded version, the kit can improve the conversion rate of low-quality template libraries and reduce the repetition rate of libraries by optimizing and improving the terminal repair module, connecting module and library amplification module. This kit is widely suitable for PCR or PCR-free library preparation of a variety of samples, and is compatible with the targeted capture process. 

This product is a special premix for qPCR reaction using SYBR Green I chimeric fluorescence method. The core component, Taq Pro DNA Polymerase, is a new generation of hot-start polymerase modified by antibody method. It has many advantages such as strong specificity, high detection sensitivity and high amplification yield. With the combination of Buffer optimized for qPCR and specific enhancer, it is very suitable for qPCR reaction with high specificity and sensitivity. This kit contains Specific ROX Reference Dye, which is suitable for all qPCR instruments without adjusting the concentration of ROX on different instruments. This kit contains 2 × master mix that can be amplified by adding primers and template.



This kit is suitable for extracting high-purity viral DNA/RNA from various samples such as blood, serum, plasma, swap, tissue, alveolar lavage fluid, cell culture supernatant, etc. The kit has the unique lysis system, doesn't need to incubate at high temperature. Paired with Carrier RNA can significantly improve nucleic acid recovery efficiency. Specific adsorption through silica membrane, viral DNA/RNA can be purified rapidly and efficienty.



VAHTS Universal V8 RNA-seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina is an RNA-seq library preparation kit specifically designed for Illumina high-throughput sequencing plat-forms. The kit is perfectly compatible with total RNA from various types of samples, and the minimum starting input required for this kit is as low as 10 ng.

ClonExpress Ultra One Step Cloning Kit is a new generation of recombinant cloning kits, compatible with 1 - 5 fragments homologous recombination. The unique ligase-independent system of this kit significantly reduces the self-ligation background of the vector. Restriction endonuclease sites do not need to be considered. Highly optimized 2 × ClonExpress Mix (It contains enhanced recombinase Exnase) can significantly improve the recombination efficiency and the tolerance to impurities. pCE-Zero vector is compatible with most PCR products, enabling the specific PCR products to be used directly for recombination without any treatments, which significantly simplify the procedure.

The Equalbit 1 × dsDNA HS (High Sensitivity) Assay Kit is a simple, sensitive, and precise fluorescence quantification kit for dou_x005f_x0002_ble-stranded DNA (dsDNA). The kit contains a pre-mixed working solution (with a fluorescent dye) and the dsDNA standard. It shows good linearity when the dsDNA content in the specimens is within the range of 0.2-100 ng and can precisely quantify dsDNA in 10 pg/μl-100 ng/μl specimens. The kit has good tolerance to common contaminants such as RNA, salts, free nucleotides, proteins, solvents, and detergents. The kit is easy to use: directly add an appropriate amount of the specimen to the working solution and assay using a Qubit fluorometer.