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About Us

About Vazyme

 Founded in 2012 in Nanjing Province, Vazyme is now a leading biotechnology company in China, conducting research and development both in technology and products focusing on functional proteins, such as enzymes, antigens, antibodies, and polymer organic materials. Relying on an in-house generic technology platform, Vazyme has successively moved into various business areas ranging from biological research, in vitro diagnosis (IVD) to bio-pharmaceutical. Equipped with both independent technology development and terminal products manufacturing capabilities, Vazyme can boast of being one of the few innovative companies in China. Vazyme is now ready to power the biotechnology industry with the help of “biochip” made in China.


Innovation & Reservation of Talents

Vazyme insists on innovation, strives for breakthroughs, and stays independent in technology development. Based on self-established core technologies, we have built an independent generic technology platform to meet the needs of large-scale research and development of products quickly and efficiently. Now we have over 200 kinds of genetic engineering recombinases, more than 1000 kinds of high-performance antigens, mAb, and other critical materials. In addition, Vazyme owns above 500 terminal products that are widely applied in science research, high-throughput sequencing, IVD, pharmaceutical and vaccine research development, animal quarantine, etc.

Vazyme’s powerful R&D strength is supported by a strong research and innovation team with over 400 multi-disciplinary experts majoring in molecular biology, enzymology, immunology, bioinformatics, organic chemistry, materials science, etc., more than half of which have a master's degree or above.

Development of Core Technology for Raw Materials

Gather the advantages of downstream industries

Since its establishment, Vazyme has always adhered to the business philosophy—— R&D is the core. Supported by the in-house R&D technology, we constantly make progress and upgrade our skills to expand more new business areas. Through years of relentless efforts, Vazyme has achieved a lot in biomedical science. For instance, we have developed various kinds of biological preparations, covering but not limited to high-throughput sequencing library series, PCR, qPCR, molecular clone, reverse transcription, and 8 sets of POCT diagnostic reagents used to detect heart and cerebral vessels, inflammation, sound child-rearing, and gastric function, etc. Because of these accomplishments, now Vazyme has expanded the customer portfolio to a wider range, including scientific research institutions, high-throughput sequencing service companies, molecular diagnostic reagent manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, CRO companies, hospitals, and other medical institutions.

Staying True to the Original Aspiration & Fulfill the Mission

On the way to deepen and broaden the entire product and technology chain, Vazyme stays true to the original aspiration —— “Science and Technology Make a Healthier Life”, explores new methods for disease discovery, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, and provides quality products and professional services to creat value for clients.

At Vazyme, staff has the opportunity to unleash their full potential. We embrace differences and have attracted a number of talented people from around the world to promote the development of China’s biomedical industry.

In the past few years, Vazyme has actively engaged in the construction of public health programs and played a vital role in fighting against African swine fever and COVID-19. In the future, we will continue to contribute to the development of the country’s biosafety, and help mankind to overcome the threats posed by major infectious diseases, tumors, and autoimmune diseases!