Improving human healthy life with science and technology


Enterprise mission

Improving human healthy life with science and technology


Enterprise vision

Based on professional ability and unremitting innovation

Continuously create value for customers through high quality products and services

Become a leader in Biotechnology


Enterprise values

Customer first, struggle oriented

Integrity, integrity, excellence and innovation

Active team player


Customer first

In depth insight into customer needs, take the initiative to master customer needs, under the company's policies and disciplines, quickly provide the most appropriate products and solutions, continue to create value for customers, and take customer demand as the driving force for novozan's development.


Struggle oriented

We should maintain the hard work in ideology, be diligent in using our brains, practice and practice, maintain high achievement motivation, and take the creation of value achievements as the orientation.


Honesty and integrity

Honesty: it refers to observing professional ethics and moral requirements; faith: it refers to Valuing Credit and fulfilling promises. "Integrity" is to insist on winning customers with integrity, "integrity" is to be honest with employees and society, take the right path and do practical things.


Outstanding innovation

Be good at learning and innovation, keep improving, continuously deepen business ability, continuously pursue the growth of company and individual, and provide customers with high quality and more products and services.


Take the initiative

With the spirit of being a master, we should be positive and enterprising, meet all kinds of challenges positively and optimistically, and be responsible for the results. Difficulties are not an excuse to hinder us from achieving results. Only by daring to win, can we be good at winning.


Team work

Only the collective power is infinite. The novozan people adhere to the principle of collective struggle and are willing to cooperate with others and support each other to create the maximum comprehensive benefits of the organization.

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