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Vazyme Speed: Single-tube qPCR Master Mix for Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Assay

Faster SARS-CoV-2 assay raises the demand for premixed reagents. In PCR reactions, multiple use of pipettes increases the risk of contamination, and each sample adding may cause errors thus affecting the reproducibility, stability and quantitative accuracy of amplification, resulting in large errors from tube to tube. In order to avoid these problems, various PCR probe kits with some reagents premixed have been developed. Vazyme also contributes its own wisdom, introducing a single-tube & one-step qRT-PCR master mix for a rapid test to detect SARS-CoV-2.

Vazyme#Q611 is a single-tube & one-step qRT-PCR master mix and can match all premixes except primer and probe, which means that RT and qPCR reactions are done in one tube without additional tube opening and pipetting. It greatly improves the throughput and reduces the risk of contamination, which can easily and stably add sample. This master mix combines the excellent performance of reverse transcriptase and hot start enzyme with an optimized buffering system to achieve fast and sensitive detection of single-digit copy number RNA template, and contains UDG anti-contamination system to effectively enhance the data accuracy.


Vazyme Solutions

1. SARS-CoV-2 Assay


2. Product Performance Test Data

Single-tube & one-step DNA/RNA Co-extraction Mix (Vazyme#Q611):

● Benchmarking Vazyme#Q225 amplification performance

We use Q611 (Vazyme) and Q225 (Vazyme) respectively in different systems (viral system and Hela system) to realize RT-qPCR amplification and then compare the amplification under the same primer and probe. The results shows that the sensitivities of Vazyme#Q611 and Vazyme#Q225 in different systems are consistent, with ΔCT between ±0.5.

3 2 Comparison of amplification sensitivity (Vazyme#Q611 & Vazyme#Q225)


● Excellent amplification balance of high and low template

We use Vazyme #Q611 and its competitors — TR, NB, TH and ME, to realize qRT-PCR amplification in different systems with gradient dilutions of various types of template viral RNA and Hela RNA, and then compare their performance in amplification sensitivity, plateaus and linearity under the same primer and probe condition. The results shows that Vazyme#Q611 behaves better in amplification balance of high and low templates and has better amplification performance.

4 2 

● Greater storage stability

We conduct three tests to guarantee the stability. The results suggests that the difference in CT values between the treatment and control groups is within ±0.5, with the amplification curve being a standard “S” curve and the difference in amplification plateaus phase being within 10%, indicating that Vazyme#Q611 has greater storage stability.

 5 2

3. Vazyme Product Recommendation


Vazyme offers rapid nucleic acid extraction reagents and highly specific qPCR related products to meet the requirements of SARS-CoV-2 assay.