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Vazyme and IFC Launch Cooperation on International Expansion


One of China’s biotech giants Vazyme, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, have agreed to cooperate on overseas expansion in some countries of both Asia and Larin America. Vazyme is exploring the possibility of constructing medical-diagnostic laboratories and establishing a complete medical-diagnostic supply chain in these regions, which is in line with the IFC Global Health Platform’s priorities of building resilient health systems and strengthening future pandemic preparedness through diversified regional medical value chains. On March 10, 2022, Dr. Zhang Lijun, Vazyme Co-Founder and Vice President, and Rana Karadsheh, IFC Regional Industry Director for MAS Asia, attended a virtual signing ceremony for the partnership, which served as a milestone for Vazyme to get technical and consulting supports from IFC on conducting feasibility studies in the future.


“IFC is the world’s largest development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries, demonstrating strong financial resources, a pool of experts, global experience, and innovative thinking,” Dr. Zhang Lijun said. “With the support of IFC, we can manage constraints and overcome difficulties inherent in the fields of finance, infrastructure, employee skills, the regulatory environment and so on.”

Dr. Zhang added that IFC has more than 60 years’ experience unlocking private investment and exploring markets and opportunities. “We are confident that we can seize new chances and improve the medical conditions of locals, with the partnership of IFC.”

Working with IFC, Vazyme aims to continue to achieve product innovation, strengthen business relationships, develop complementary strengths, and foster capacity development through win-win cooperation. Vazyme will strive to leverage its technology to bring more quality medicines and diagnostic approaches to the international market for the benefit of all.


About Vazyme

Since its establishment in 2012, Vazyme has always adhered to the mission of Science and Technology Make a Healthier Life,focusing on technology innovation and relentlessly expanding core technology applications in life sciences, bio-medicine, and in vitro diagnostics. As one of the leading R&D enterprises in China, Vazyme is always at the forefront of bringing products to the global market to meet the needs of customers and accelerate the development of the biotechnology industry.

These years, Vazyme has committed to fulfilling the social responsibility as a major contributor to employment, environmental protection, and community well-being.