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Keep Innovating in Biosolution to Advance Life Science

In an era of technological advancements, the quest for human health knows no bounds. Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) stands as a revolutionary biotechnology that unravels the mysteries of human life. Since 2014, Vazyme has noticed this promising technology and started investing in this field.

Despite initial ambiguity regarding its applications, our R&D team recognized NGS as a powerful tool for genomic research. Hence, we made substantial investments in this field. With its cost-effectiveness and high-throughput data generation, NGS facilitates a comprehensive understanding of various biological phenomena. Its expanding applications in molecular diagnosis, early tumor screening, pathogen detection, and other domains underscore its vast market potential. Notably, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, NGS played a pivotal role by decoding the viral sequence in just five days, paving the way for subsequent diagnosis and treatment.



“Sample preprocessing in the high-throughput sequencing process is similar to molecular biology in which we excel. We offer a diverse range of sample preprocessing solutions which cover DNA and RNA samples, serve applications such as tumor profiling, reproductive genetics, pathogen detection, and epigenetics, and cater to various sequencing platforms, including second-generation and third-generation sequencing. With the advancement of technology, we continuously refine our strategies, expand our product line, and provide comprehensive solutions. High-throughput sequencing represents a pioneering frontier within molecular biology,” Dr. Zhang Lijun, co-founder and vice president of Vazyme, said in an interview with Nature.

To ensure optimal services for our customers, we have built a dedicated R&D team with more than 1000 researchers focusing on the development of underlying technologies, in an effort to make Vazyme a comprehensive enterprise that integrates independent R&D, upstream technology development, and end-product manufacturing capabilities. By ramping up investments in manufacturing over the years, we maintain a scalable recombinant protein production capacity, positioning us as a global leader in this field. We firmly believe that a scalable and stable production system ensures the reliability of our products. Moreover, fostering user engagement is of paramount importance to us. Through a customer-centric organizational structure, we prioritize collaboration and interaction by expanding our local teams in key markets to bridge the geographical gap with our customers. This steadfast commitment reflects our core values of putting customers first and creating value for them.



As a rapidly evolving high-tech industry, life science presents both new opportunities and challenges. Moving forward, Vazyme will continue to enhance production capabilities and quality management, meeting the ever-changing technological demands. Dr. Zhang emphasizes our mission as a provider of life science solutions: delivering accuracy, convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness. From our inception and into the future, we are dedicated to helping our partners improve efficiency, maximize productivity, and accomplish remarkable research achievements.