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Filling in Sample Sheet of NovaSeq Reagent

With the constant updating of Illumina’s sequencing instruments, the most commonly used now is the NovaSeq instrument. In August 2020, Illumina launched the new NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kit v1.5 on the basis of NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kit v1.

What are the advantages of the new NovaSeq 6000 v1.5?
1. Support more applications. The v1.5 reagent kit has 38 additional cycles to support for the reading of the widely used UDI and UMI adapters.
2. The v1.5 reagent kit is more economical.
3. Extended shelf life. The v1.5 reagent kit has an extended shelf life of six months compared with the three months of the v1 kit.
4. Improved Q20 and Q30 performance scores.
5. In the analysis of most total RNA sequencing data, there is an increase in the gene detection number of the v1.5 reagent kit.
In conclusion, compared with the v1 kit, the v1.5 reagent kit better fits the needs of customers in both performance and price.

What is mentioned above are the improvements in performance. In addition, there is also difference between the two versions in how Index 2 is read at the i5 end during sequencing, which requires attention to the change in the way of Sample Sheet filling before sequencing. The specific difference between the two versions is that: in v1, Index 2 is read in the process of resynthesis; while in v1.5, Index 2 is read after resynthesis. The following figure shows the flow chart of sequencing reading of the two versions:

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Filling in Sample Sheet of NovaSeq Reagent<br /><br />

A perplexing question is how to fill in our Index in the sequencing sheet before library sequencing. As we know, filling in Index correctly can not only avoid repetitive work of forward and reverse splitting when splitting data, but also prevent contamination between different libraries caused by wrong Index orientation.

On this basis, we have made a summary of Vazyme’s sequencing adapters suitable for Illumina platform for your reference:

Filling in Sample Sheet of NovaSeq Reagent 1

In addition, we have adapters suitable for MGI platform.