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New arrivals | Vazyme COVID-19 fast detection!

With the continuous increase in the quantity of COVID-19 test in recent days, the test report that can be obtained in the usual 6 – 8 hours may be delayed, which is not conducive to quickly blocking the social spread of the COVID-19. The use of supporting instrument (capable of rapid test) and reducing the time for the extraction and amplification steps can shorten the time of virus nucleic acid detection, thereby preventing the spread of the epidemic.

Now, Vazyme has launched a fast, accurate and complete set of testing solutions for the latest needs to help the rapid nucleic acid detection for COVID-19.


Vazyme provides the following rapid nucleic acid detection solutions for COVID-19:


1. Fast amplification materials solution


Test purpose:

Quadruple PCR systems were selected for comparison and verification under the regular program and the rapid program.


The detection results of the regular program and the rapid program are consistent under each system, and the detection sensitivity of Q231-C1 is better than that of Q225.


Reaction program (ABI Q5):


Amplification result (ABI Q5):



One-step fast amplification system recommended:


 Vazyme one-step fast amplification program recomended:


2. Point-of-care testing (POCT) materials solution


Test purpose:

Rapid amplification without extraction scheme is compared and verified under the regular program and the rapid program respectively.


The sensitivity of Q231-C1 is better than that of Q225; in the COVID-19 system of crude lysis scene, the detected Ct value of the rapid program and regular program are consistent.


Experiment Process

1. Take 20 μl of the new coronavirus pseudovirus stock solution (2 × 104 copies/ml) into 400 μl of P073-C1 lysate, fully vortex and mix.

2. Leave it at room temperature for 3 min.

3. After mixing, add it directly to the reaction system as a template.

Reaction program (ABI Q5):

The actual amplification time is 29 min 47 sec;


Amplification system:


Results(ABI Q5):



Vazyme products recommended:


Vazyme provides rapid nucleic acid extraction reagents as well as high-sensitivity, high-specificity RT-qPCR-related products that meet the requirements of rapid nucleic acid detection for COVID-19. At the same time, in order to make your experiment more convenient, fast and stable, Vazyme is working on the raw material development of “primer-probe premix + rapid amplification”.

We sincerely look forward to your continuous attention.