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Leveraging the Expertise in Bioactive Compounds to Transform Next-Generation Sequencing

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a disruptive technology that is reshaping our understanding of biological science and revolutionizing human health. With its broad applications in genomics, disease diagnosis, and reproduction, NGS shows immense potential. Recognizing the vital importance of NGS for life science, we are devoted to developing NGS library preparation kits, a crucial element in the sequencing process. Our unwavering commitment is to drive the application of NGS technology and enhance human health together with our partners.

During an interview with Nature, Dr. Mingyang Jiang, Director of NGS Product Development at Vazyme, shared his observations on the sequencing industry’s evolution. As sequencing technology continues to mature, the cost of sequencing is tapering off, giving a fillip to the industry. Vazyme boasts a strong R&D team that consists of researchers from prestigious Chinese universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, and Nanjing University. With a clear vision, Vazyme strives to be the forefront innovator and a global leader in manufacturing library preparation kits.



Vazyme’s product portfolio spans scientific research and clinical applications. In scientific research, we collaborate with research institutions, providing both products and expertise. These collaborations have yielded groundbreaking technologies, including Stacc-seq, developed in collaboration with Professor Xie Wei from Tsinghua University, unveiling the mechanism of RNA pol II (published in Nature in 2020), and Microwell-seq, a joint effort with Professor Guo Guoji from Zhejiang University.

In the clinical domain, our products are applied in various fields, including tumors, reproduction, and genetic diseases. Driven by a vision cultivated during his doctoral studies, Dr. Jiang is dedicated to developing products that significantly enhance disease diagnosis precision, such as a product that enables early and accurate tumor screening, providing patients with a big time window for prompt treatment.

Sequencing technology is evolving towards automation, intelligence, integration, and user-friendliness. Following this trend, we have been leveraging our resources and expertise to deliver efficient and precise diagnostics, address industry challenges, and contribute to our customers’ effort in bringing breakthroughs in scientific research to enhance human health.