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As a biotechnology company, Vazyme is committed to research and development both in technology and products focusing on functional proteins, such as enzymes, antigens, antibodies, and polymer organic materials. Relying on self-established critical generic technology platform, Vazyme successively marched into various business area: biological research, in vitro diagnosis (IVD), bio-pharmaceutical and so on. Moreover, our company is regarded as one of the few domestic R&D innovative enterprises that have capabilities of both independent and controllable upstream technology development and terminal product production. With “biochip” made in China, Vazyme is ready to provide source power for biotechnology industry. 

International leading R&D skills and talent pool
International leading R&D skills and talent pool

Innovation and Talents Reservation

Vazyme has always been sticking to innovation, striving for breakthroughs, persevering in source of technology. Based on self-established core technologies, we have built self-controlled critical generic technology platform, which meets the need of conducting product development in large-scale rapidly and efficiently. Now we possess over 200 kinds of genetic engineering recombinases, more than 1000 kinds of high-performance antigens, mAb and other critical materials. In addition, Vazyme owns above 500 terminal products that are widely applied to science research, high-throughput sequencing, IVD, pharmaceutical and vaccine research development, animal quarantine and other fields.
  Strong R&D strength gives the credit to the talent team. Our R&D and Innovation team is composed of more than 400 multi-field compound R&D personnel with ability, whose majors include molecular biology, enzymology, immunology, bioinformatics, organic chemistry and materials science, etc., more than 50% incepting a master's degree or above.

Master the core technology of raw materials
Gather the advantages of downstream industries

Since being founded, Vazyme has been insisting on its operation principle —— take R&D as the core. By virtue of self-depend critical technology, we constantly update and upgrade technical skills, expanding the new business area. Via years of diligently striving for the better, Vazyme has reached great achievement in biomedical field. We succeeded in developing various kinds of biological preparation, including but not limited to high-throughput sequencing library series, PCR, qPCR, molecular clone, reverse transcription and 8 sets of POCT diagnostic reagents used to detect heart and cerebral vessels, inflammation, sound child rearing, gastric function etc. Vazyme has formed a customer portfolio covering various customer groups, such as scientific research institutions, high-throughput sequencing service companies, molecular diagnostic reagent manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, CRO companies, hospitals and other medical institutions.

Breaking foreign technical barriers, leading the national biological industry
Unremitting innovation and mission responsibility

Remember the mission Fulfill the duty

On the way to deepen and widen the entire chain of products and technology, Vazyme always abides by the mission —— use technology to improve human health, revolving around disease discovery-diagnosis-prevention-treatment, we explore new method, provide superior quality products and professional service, and aims at creating value for clients.
Cherishing strivers, Vazyme offers broad development platform for its employees to attract the best gifted people from the whole nation and even all over the world, then promotes the integral development and improvement of Chinese biomedical industry. Vazyme participates in construction of public health programs, played a vital role in fighting against African swine fever and COVID-19. We use science and technology to help the country's biosafety construction and help mankind overcome major infectious diseases, tumors, and autoimmune diseases!

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