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Vazyme Updates Product Packaging Transitioning to the Digitalized Manuals for a Greener Future

Discover how we upgrade our packaging with digital manuals accessible via QR codes, smaller boxes, and eco-friendly materials.

Starting from July 2024, Vazyme is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the packaging for our product, featuring an entirely new outer box design and optimized internal cushioning materials, and the digital product manuals accessible via QR codes replacing the traditional paper booklet.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we consistently integrate environmental considerations into our business goals. This packaging upgrade is a significant action about how we are living up to our purpose. 

The new packaging box is more compact than the previous version, which means it takes up less storage space in your lab with less paper usage. Additionally, we adopted the recyclable, non-toxic EPE foam as the new cushioning material to provide excellent protection for our products.

The digital product manual will be easily accessed via QR code displayed on our new packaging. By transitioning to digital manuals, we aim to significantly reduce paper waste and decrease printing ink usage to boost our efforts to drive greater societal impact. For the journey ahead, we have underlined our commitment by embedding sustainability in all that we do. 

Going paperless could significantly save the paper usage which means this will help protect nearly 2,000 ten-year-old trees annually from felling. As a leading global company in science, we believe in the power of technology for good and understand responsibilities we take on in sustainably. That is why we boost our efforts to drive greater societal impact. Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we together take this important step towards a greener future.

 *You may receive either the new or old packaging with your orders during this transition period. For any questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.