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  • Name: 2019-nCoV IgG / IgM Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold-Based)
  • Number: C6002C;C6003C
  • 币种: 美元

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2019-nCoV IgG / IgM Detection Kit(Colloidal Gold-Based)

Rapid detection within 10 min. No testing equipments required.

•Rapid-screening within 10 minutes.
•High detection efficiency: simultaneous monitoring of IgM and IgG.
•Detection without any testing equipments .
•Easy to operate, and is compatible with serum/ plasma.
•Room-temperature storage.

Both IgM and IgG are immunoglobulin which are produced by the immune system to provide protectionagainst the 2019-nCoV. Some patients with negative results in nucleic acid test show positive in IgM test,indicating that the IgG / IgM detection is one of the effective methods for the diagnosis of 2019-nCoV.

The level of IgM antibody begins to rise after 1 week after the initial infection, while the IgG appears later than IgM (usually in 14 days after infection) and can last for 6 months or even several years, which meansthat the IgG serves as an indicator of previous infection. Suspected patients that are infected by 2019-nCoV can be rapidly identified by simultaneous monitoring of IgM and IgG. During the outbreak period of2003-SARS and the 2016-Zika, IgM / IgG antibody detection was used as one of the recommendeddiagnostic methods.



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