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  • Name: Hyperactive In-Situ ChIP Library Prep Kit for Illumina
  • Number: TD901/TD902
  • 币种: 美元
    • SIZE: 12 rxn 48 rxn

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Hyperactive In-Situ ChIP Library Prep Kit for Illumina is specifically designed for Cleavage Under Targets and Tagmentation (CUT&Tag) technology. CUT&Tag technology is a new methodfor research on protein-genomic interaction by fusion of Protein G or Protein A with engineered ultra-active Tn5 transposase to form a novel dual-function fusion enzyme (Hyperactive pG-Tn5 / pA-Tn5 Transposase). It precisely binds the DNA sequence near the target protein under the antibody guidance and results in factor-targeted tagmentation, generating fragments used for PCR enrichment or DNA sequencing.

Compared with the traditional protein-genomic interaction research method of ChIP-Seq, CUT&Tag has significant advantages of low cell input, short operation time, high signal-to-noise ratio, good repeatability and is especially suitable for research on early embryo development, stem cells, tumors, and epigenetics.

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