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  • Name: 2 × Rapid Taq Master Mix
  • Number: P222
  • 币种: 美元
    • SIZE: 5 ml 15 ml 50 ml 5 ml(with ddH2O) 15 ml(with ddH2O) 50 ml(with ddH2O)

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The product contains Taq DNA Polymerase, Extension Enhancer, dNTP and optimized buffer. Its amplification speed is up to 15 sec/kb, and is suitable for
Rapid PCR reaction. Its extreme amplification speed is 1 sec/kb within 1 kb, reducing PCR time dramatically. PCR reaction can start directly after addition of
primers and templates with the Pre-mixed 2 × Master Mix, and thus the omitted pipetting procedure increases the throughput and reproducibility significantly.
The product enables high efficient and stable amplifications, and is suitable for amplification of fragments < 5 kb with genomic DNA as templates; < 10 kb
with plasmid/λDNA as templates. The added protective agent keeps the activity of 2 × Master Mix after multiple freezing and thawing cycles. The product
contains electrophoresis loading buffer and dye and can be analyzed with gel electrophoresis directly after reaction. PCR products contain a 3’-A overhang,
and is applicable for T Vector cloning and compatible with ClonExpress Cloning Kit (C112/C113/C114/C115).
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