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  • Name: One Step U+ Mouse Genotyping Kit
  • Number: PD104
  • 币种: 美元
    • SIZE: 200 rxn

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One Step U+ Probe Mouse Genotyping Kit is designed for rapid genotyping of mouse genotypes. The kit comprises a whole set of animal
tissue DNA extraction and anti-contamination probe method QPCR amplification system, which is can be used to rapidly release genomic
DNA from tissues such as mouse tail, ear and toe. The product is directly subjected to QPCR amplification, avoiding multiple operations
such as capping and pipetting. The genotype results are directly analyzed by software to avoid manual checkup that can greatly reduce
the time spent on the experiment. The dUTP/UDG anti-contamination system in the reagents rapidly degrades U-containing contaminants
at room temperature, significantly reducing aerosol contamination and improving detection throughput and reproducibility of results.
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