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  • Name: Phi29 MAX DNA Ploymerase
  • Number: N106
  • 币种: 美元
    • SIZE: 250 U 1250 U

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Phi29 MAX DNA Polymerase is a DNA polymerase cloned from Bacillus subtilis phage phi29. Phi29 MAX DNA Polymerase exhibits a
strong strand-displacement function. These functions allow for highly efficient isothermal amplification of circular or linear DNA templates
via rolling circle amplification, and it can conduct isothermal DNA polymerization independent of thermal cycling in vitro. Phi29 MAX DNA
Polymerase has a strong chain affinity, and a single polymerization can achieve a continuous polymerization extension of up to 100 kb. In
addition, Phi29 DNA Polymerase has extremely high fidelity due to its inherent 3’→5’ exonuclease activity, its fidelity is 1000 times higher
than that of Taq enzyme, which is higher than the fidelity of most high-fidelity enzymes. This guarantees the high fidelity of DNA synthesis,
and is very suitable for in vitro preparation of plasmids and whole-genome synthesis.
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